Email marketing for law firms: 12 handy hints and tips

Is email marketing for law firms all it’s cracked up to be? The problem with cold call email is that, from the recipients’ points of view, it’s instantly disposable. How many unsolicited emails do you receive at work or on your mobile each day? More to the point, how many do you actually bother to read?

Let’s be honest, bulk email returns nothing like the response rates that we used to get from traditional postal mailshots. A traditional mailshot with a 10% response rate was pretty good. For email, you are usually looking at a 2% return if you are lucky.

The difference with email is double barrelled. It costs an awful lot less that postal mail and you can send it to many more recipients. The real problem remains how do you get people to open and read your emails? The following 12 pointers may shed some light on this for you.

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