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Warren WanderLawCloud is a new generation in Practice Management Software for law firms in Scotland and is brought to you from the developers at LawWare.  Established in 1998 and now serving over 360 law firms in the UK, LawWare has established a strong reputation for an innovative and forward looking approach to the business of running a Law Firm.

LawCloud is at the forefront of transforming the way that lawyers work and is clearly leading in the legal cloud. Since its launch in Feb ‘11, it has grown from a standing start to now hosting more than 250 law firms on its secure and robust Cloud servers and this number is growing by the week. LawCloud really is more about business transformation than technology.

The number of Law Firms transitioning to the Cloud is growing at a tremendous rate and the opportunity is here today for the small to medium sized high street law firms to start using best of breed software (traditionally reserved for the bigger firms) delivered directly to their PC, laptop, Mac or iPad at a low fixed monthly subscription, with no upfront capital expenditure.

Out of the box, LawCloud offers lawyers a new way of working that has never been so easy to reach, offering real benefits like Flexible mobile working, linking branch offices, Peace of mind, cost savings and truly simplified technology.

As a practitioner, making the right choice is vital and the Secret to Cloud Success is really all about relationships and knowing your Cloud provider. If you are entrusting your crown jewels of data to a supplier on the cloud then you need to do your due diligence. The Law Society’s Cloud Services Procurement Guidelines is a welcomed and essential reference to this end.

Warren Wander is the founder and Managing Director of LawWare Ltd and CEO of LawCloud Ltd. Warren has spent all his working life in the software development field and over the last 15 years, creating, developing & growing LawWare into one of Scotland’s most modern suppliers of Practice, Case & Risk management software.

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