Cloud computing for law firms: what are the real benefits?

Cloud computing for law firms still remains a hotly debated subject. For a practice management software provider like LawWare, the issue determines our product offerings. Sales of cloud-based solutions dominate but we also offer an “own server” version.

That’s just our response to the demands of the market. However, how do you know which is the right solution for you? It’s all about understanding the technology and that means looking at the real benefits of cloud.

This article is part of a series that will look at several areas of consideration. Initially we’ll take a look at the benefits and the key questions to ask. The second article will cover what to look for in a cloud supplier and what your contract should contain. The final one will tackle data and other issues that you need to address.

Let’s get the ball rolling by looking at the pros and cons.

Read the full article by following the link below.

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