Majority of law firms in the US use some kind of cloud computing

Cloud computing is being embraced on a wide scale by law firms on both sides of the Atlantic. In the US, the sixteenth annual survey on law firm technology by the American Lawyer revealed that 65% of respondent law firms were using some aspect of cloud computing for their firm.

Further, almost half (47%) of the law firms reported that they were using cloud computing more this year than they were last year.

The survey revealed that those who had yet to take to the cloud were concerned mainly about security implications, but of those firms who were using the cloud, 77% reported having a positive experience with the technology.

Cloud for UK Law Firms

For law firms in the UK, LawCloud has, in a White Paper on Security in the Cloud, outlined best practice considerations for using cloud computing in the UK. These considerations indeed also apply to non-legal businesses.

Additionally, on Wednesday this week, the Law Society of Scotland hosted an event on cloud computing for law firms.

The Law Society stated that “Cloud computing providers claim to offer law firms the chance to save money, work more efficiently, and respond more quickly to changing IT demands. Many firms are already benefitting and, on the face of it, many more could. However, as with every development there are also new risks and new concerns, from data security and data protection issues, through to regulatory compliance, business continuity, technical support and IP.”

Through the event, the Law Society and expert cloud providers, including LawCloud itself, spoke about ways of determining the best cloud provider for law firms with additional discussion about security concerns. For more, see our blog post on Law Society’s cloud event.

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LawCloud: Cloud for law firms

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  2. Congratulations on cloud launch and penetration within the u.k market. We are also a case management software company like your and do business only in North American legal sector. You are right, cloud computing is catching up fast here. There are two reasons. Tight economy and media awareness. Gone are the days when law firms were skeptical about hosting their data in the cloud. They are realizing that if they dont act now they will be left behind. You will also see huge growth in web based sharepoint and hosted exchange in months to come. Best of luck on your success!!

    P.S : Good website.

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