LawCloud takes a Belt and Braces Approach

Cloud Computing Background

LawCloud continues to invest in its systems with the latest state of the art Cloud monitoring software to ensure its clients achieve the best performance possible.

With a reputation for innovation and quality, LawCloud continues to go from strength to strength and with such a strong uptake on LawCloud, it is essential that the LawCloud performance team has full insight into how well its systems are doing.Microsoft Cloud Partner Network

Managing Director and CEO, Warren Wander explains “This level of monitoring means that the team can respond almost instantaneously to increased server load, balancing usage and ensuring our customers experience is the best it can be at any one time.”

Again, this puts LawCloud at the forefront of Cloud technologies, reaffirming its position as one of the foremost suppliers of Cloud technologies to law firms in Scotland and the UK.

In addition to server performance monitoring, LawCloud has also implemented a resilience that maximises the utilisation of Microsoft’s latest server operating systems by implementing failover on all of its functions. Alongside choosing one of the best data centres in the UK, this means that there is now truly no single point of failure on the LawCloud system ensuring that uptime is maximised.
Data Protection Certificate
Warren Wander concludes “Our SLA states a minimum uptime but we are constantly exceeding these with one of the best track records for availability in the industry. As one of the foremost suppliers of Cloud based system for lawyers, we are constantly innovating and remain at the forefront of this technology as a leading supplier to the industry.”

LawCloud offers a data protection certification to all clients that published on the LawCloud website.

The Law Society has released its draft guidelines for procurement of Cloud and we have aligned ourselves undisputedly with this document and will publish it on the LawCloud website as soon as it is available.

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