Leading in the Legal Cloud: New Video Launched

LawCloud continues to go from strength to strength with the launch of a new video. In this video, Warren explains the why Cloud Computing is becoming a great asset for law firms in the UK…

Warren explains:-

“The business is LawWare based in Edinburgh. We do software for law firms in Scotland and the rest of the UK. It’s a very interesting market; it’s a very traditional marketplace. There are 900 or so law firms in Scotland; 180 of them use our software.

The software is basically a practice management system that encompasses accounts, time recording, document and email management, and a CRM database for law firms. The market is also covered with a lot of red tape, so there is a lot of risk assessment capability within the software and that’s really key to law firms – how they can manage their risk -money laundering and data protection all very vital parts of their business and our software.

LawCloud came about as a result of the recession. In Scotland, law firms are estate agents as well, so very difficult times. We looked at that and thought our lawyers can benefit from Cloud-based systems. The tools and technologies and the pricing point looked great for our marketplace. Very quickly we saw a great interest towards LawCloud. It’s a very exciting area – Cloud users can now work from anywhere by connecting to an Internet server and work from Court, from home, from their client’s offices even – anywhere where there’s an Internet connection.

Security is key for us as well. Law firms are very keen to know that their data is safe. And the sort of feedback I’m getting is that they have peace of mind; they can go home at night and they know that we’re taking care of all their technology. Their backups are taken care of , it’s a low fixed monthly cost and, through partnerships with Rise and with Microsoft, we can deliver an environment that they’re confident with and that we’re confident with.

We have law firms who’ve called us on a Friday and said we’re starting business on Monday and we need a system, can we do it? We could, immediately over the weekend, provision the server, provision the information they needed, set them up and on the Monday they were up and running with their LawCloud system. So, much more responsive as a business.

We’ve got a great support team who manage, develop and train users on the software. We provide a whole range of services including data transfer and consultancy. But our key is to help law firms with technology.

We are the Cloud providers for lawyers. The Cloud really is the way forward and it’s a very exciting area. It helps law firms to be more productive and to be more competitive in what is a very competitive environment.”

This video can also be found on our following sites:-

LawCloud Website
LawCloud’s MovieCom.tv
LawWare’s MovieCom.tv
LawCloud’s YouTube page

Further, if you’re on Linkedin, join us on our Cloud for Lawyers group where we continue to have very interesting discussions on Cloud and the related issues for law firms.

Finally, we have recently updated the LawCloud website’s “About” page. This provides more information and useful links should you wish to read further on the subjects mentioned above.

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