What is Cloud Computing?

Video presentation by a company called SalesForce showing what cloud computing. This is a generic video. But, watch this and over the next few minutes you’ll be able to work out and realise why law firms are turning to cloud computing.

Likewise, this simple presentation reinforces the point. Law Cloud uses essentially the same format EXCEPT that the legal software to which you would be subscribing is bespoke within the “cloud”.

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5 thoughts on “What is Cloud Computing?”

  1. Nice video, there is a similar one from IBM that uses animation to explain in plain-English what cloud computing is…


    There are a few posts on IBM developerWorks talking about when and how to use cloud services. All great, quick and informative reads.

    Defining Cloud Computing

    Strengthening your Business Case for Using Cloud

    Cloud Deployment and Delivery Models

    Preparing for Cloud

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