LawCloud’s data centre partner is named global Microsoft Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year.

We are delighted to announce that today, Rise, LawCloud’s Data Centre Partner has been named as Microsoft’s global Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year for 2011. This acknowledges Rise as the partner of choice for demonstrating Cloud solutions, innovation and our commitment to partnering with Microsoft.

Our selection criteria for hosting LawCloud was stringent and an absolutely essential choice for the future of LawCloud. This award confirms that our choice of hosting partner was absolutely correct.
Beating strong competition from over 3000 entrants, Rises’ revolutionary DataCenter on Demand service has been recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services to the partner community.

This award is a testament to our alliance with Microsoft and Rise and we are proud to be officially recognized on the global stage as working with Microsoft’s Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year. This award reflects Rise’s commitment to its partners and their customers by offering them the most flexible, affordable and manageable platform possible, and we are delighted to reinforce that through this acknowledgment.

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Features and Benefits of Cloud Computing for Law Firms

What should your law firm’s cloud computing service feature?

Here are a few of the most important features which any legal cloud computing provider should make available for your law practice:-

- Legal practice management software licences, including licences for cashroom & electronic case filing;

- A secure, robust & scalable hosted server. Thus, there should be no need for you to purchase and maintain an expensive on-premise server;

- Inclusion of Microsoft Office 2010 licences for all users (No need for you to purchase Office licences – i.e. Outlook, Word, and Excel);

- Hosted Microsoft Exchange for all users including shared diaries plus email with Spam filter & virus checked mailboxes;

- Start-up plan, Training, Helpdesk & remote support and software updates; and

- Everything supplied, ideally, at an all-inclusive fixed monthly cost, with no up-front capital expenditure.

What are the benefits your practice should achieve?

- The ability to work flexibly from anywhere (office, home, court, holiday). Just plug in a PC with internet connection and go;

- Peace of mind plan with all backups taken care of & data secured in a Fort-Knox style facility in a UK data centre;

- Absolute security with two-level password authentication and an SSL certificate encrypting all data traffic;

- Ultimate scalability & a high performance solution, with the ability to add more users as your firm grows;

- With no single point of failure on the server, you get a disaster recovery planned solution offering business continuity.


Think this is information is nebulous or cloudy? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at our UK base on 0845 2020 577 or contact LawCloud’s Managing Director, Warren Wander, directly at

LawCloud Armistice Day Post

LawCloud Armistice Day Post

Cloud for Lawyers in the UK | The Journal Online

Further to our recent post, an editorial article has been published in the Journal Online discussing the various cloud computing providers for law firms in the UK.

The article begins by outlining the recent buzz around cloud computing and potentially massive cost-saving benefits.

A recent report in the magazine Legal Week predicted that City of London legal firms stand to save millions of pounds by switching to internet-based computing – which enables a practice to link up to shared resources and software on demand rather than maintain its own hardware.

Outlining “huge” interest from both High Street practices and larger law firms both in Scotland and the rest of the UK, the article focusses, first, on LawWare Ltd’s sister business, LawCloud Ltd:

Ahead in the cloud

LawWare is the company behind the newly launched “LawCloud” platform featured in July. Founded in 1998 by managing director Warren Wander, LawWare already provides practice management technology to more than 170 Scottish legal practices through its flagship product LawWare Enterprise.

With LawCloud, it is moving to the next generation of technology and support, via a menu of services including an optional fully outsourced cashroom and compliance capability, provided at a low fixed monthly cost, to which anyone with internet access can sign up.

“There’s no capital expenditure, so new users have better control over cashflow”, Wander points out. “Additionally, there is no need to pay to upgrade or replace servers or maintain expensive legacy equipment. All the complicated stuff is managed by the experts behind LawCloud. It is ultimately scalable to meet your firm’s growing needs.”

Other benefits he highlights include flexible working, with the ability to access the system from wherever you may be; its in-built business continuity planning and disaster recovery; and the “Fort Knox style” security environment with all data held in a dedicated green UK data centre.

A launch event at Microsoft’s Waverley Gate offices in Edinburgh in February 2011 will offer the chance to see the technology on display. And a big annual user group meeting where client firms offer feedback that helps shape its future software developments is just part of the personal service to which LawWare commits itself.

Expect more articles and buzz to appear, both in the Scottish Law Society’s Journal and in legal journals both North and South of the Border.

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