LawCloud Practice Management Software Launch

The Next Generation of Legal Practice Management: LawCloud Officially Launched

LawCloud was officially launched on 2 February 2011 at Microsoft’s offices at Waverley Gate in Edinburgh. With a full turnout of over 90 delegates, this CPD event successfully demonstrated and explained the Cloud in simple terms to leaders from the Scottish legal profession.

Business Continuity, Lawyers and the Cloud

With our official LawCloud website due to launch very soon in mid-January and LawCloud itself launching officially on 2 February 2010 at Microsoft’s office in Edinburgh, we thought it may be appropriate to share a rather poetic introduction to the subject of cloud computing in the UK legal market with a focus on business continuity. This piece is shared as a guest article by Paul Humphreys, Technical Director of The Law-Writer Partnership Oxford UK. We hope you enjoy it.

Features and Benefits of Cloud Computing for Law Firms

Here are a few of the most important features which any legal cloud computing provider should make available:-

– Legal practice management software licences, including licences for cashroom & electronic case filing.

– No need for you to purchase and maintain an expensive on-premise server. The cloud computing provider should supply a secure, robust & scalable hosted server.

– Inclusion of Microsoft Office 2010 licences for all users (No need for you to purchase Office licences – i.e. Outlook, Word, and Excel)

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