Launch of a UK based compliant online storage system for lawyers

We are pleased to announce the launch of LawSecure, a secure UK based online storage facility, certified and managed by our team at LawCloud.

It is a compliant online storage facility for lawyers in the UK, which works in a similar way to other online storage vehicles such as Dropbox.” It is designed for lawyers who need to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 for storing data and is a fast, secure and reliable way of storing key data off-site.

For further information on LawSecure, please visit our LawCloud website here.

LawCloud’s data centre partner is named global Microsoft Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year.

We are delighted to announce that today, Rise, LawCloud’s Data Centre Partner has been named as Microsoft’s global Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year for 2011. This acknowledges Rise as the partner of choice for demonstrating Cloud solutions, innovation and our commitment to partnering with Microsoft.

Our selection criteria for hosting LawCloud was stringent and an absolutely essential choice for the future of LawCloud. This award confirms that our choice of hosting partner was absolutely correct.
Beating strong competition from over 3000 entrants, Rises’ revolutionary DataCenter on Demand service has been recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services to the partner community.

This award is a testament to our alliance with Microsoft and Rise and we are proud to be officially recognized on the global stage as working with Microsoft’s Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year. This award reflects Rise’s commitment to its partners and their customers by offering them the most flexible, affordable and manageable platform possible, and we are delighted to reinforce that through this acknowledgment.

Get more LawCloud News here, find out more about Rise here

Security in the Cloud: White Paper

In March, LawCloud published a White Paper called “Cloud Security Considerations: A Best Practice Guide for UK Law Firms” which can be found at If you or your law firm are having any concerns about security with client data or with any other considerations when seeking to adopt a cloud computing model, this will be worth a read.Cloud Security Image

Executive Summary

Cloud computing, or “Cloud” as it is becoming known, is a new choice of IT platform for lawyers in the UK and, indeed, around the world, with firms moving their IT processing and data, to servers which are located outwith their own law offices. For many of these law firms, Cloud has been an appropriate choice for them because it is a flexible and affordable alternative to traditional or ‘on premise’ server and desktop-based platforms.

Despite these benefits and the continued growth of cloud computing both by the business and legal worlds, there are still concerns that the adoption of cloud technology by law firms in the UK may bring with it security, confidentiality and data protection issues. These concerns are indeed justified if cloud computing is not implemented under expert IT guidance, particularly where the firm has no in-house IT support. Nevertheless when addressed properly, these concerns can be alleviated.

The White Paper, “Cloud Security Considerations: A Best Practice guide for UK Law Firms”, sets out to stimulate discussion about the key issues and provide practical guidelines to help law firms in the UK settle on a solid position for their cloud computing model.

What is Covered?

The following questions are answered in the White Paper:-

Does your law firm have and implement a defined security policy?
Where is your client data held? (Within the UK? or at least in the EU?)
How safe is your physical data?
How secure is your data over the Internet?
What happens if your laptop is lost or stolen?
Is your data always available?
Is your Cloud management system technically well designed?

For the Paper in full see We have already discussed this on our Cloud for Lawyers Linkedin group, but should you wish to discuss further, comments are welcome on this blog below…

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